Boswyk Centre

Boswyk Centre

Seniors Residential / Community Centre Project

The District is partnering with Mission Association for Seniors Housing (MASH), Mission Seniors Centre Association (MSCA) and BC Housing to build a Seniors Residential / Community Centre.

The facility will be constructed on District owned property adjacent to the Mission Leisure centre at 7682 Grand Street.

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The facility consists of a 11,000 square foot community centre on the ground floor with 74 studio’s, one and two bedroom units of affordable seniors housing for 55+ in 5 floors above.

MASH will lease the property from the District for a term of 60 years.

The District will sublease ownership of the Community Centre back from MASH.

The entire facility will revert to District ownership at the end of 60 years.

BC Housing is contributing $7,400,000 from the Community Housing Fund for capital construction of the Residential component and will be subsidizing ongoing operating costs; the District will be responsible for operating costs for the Community Centre.

Projects built under the Community Housing Fund will reflect the following mix of incomes:

  • 30% of the units will be for households with middle incomes.

  • 50% of the units will be for a range of low- to moderate-income households.

  • 20% of the units will be for households with low incomes.

The District will be responsible for contributing approximately $4,000,000 while the Mission Foundation is contributing $500,000 towards the capital cost of building the Community Centre, this $500,000 has been generously donated by the estate of Marilyn Boswyk.

The west end of the Mission Leisure Centre parking lot will be used for parking by the Community Centre and Residential component; replacement parking will be developed where the old smaller skateboard park facility is located now.

Construction is expected to commence in summer/fall 2019.

People interested in renting a unit are asked to contact MASH at 604-556-8020/236-622-2043 or

Please download Brochure for more information


74 suites are subsidized through our partnership with BC Housing.  To qualify you will need to complete the application form and verification of your income will be required.

Please see application form and checklist below, kindly download the form and complete drop off at The Cedars 7380 Hurd Street, Mission, with supporting documents listed on the checklist.

Download- Application Form