The Cedars have now opened its doors to visitors:

  • If you are a visitor and you have had both covid vaccines past 14 days, you will be able to enter our facility without mask
  • Visitors will continue be screened by temperature and health questionnaire and use the supplied hand sanitizer and will also be asked to show your covid vaccine card for proof.
  • Visitors who have received one vaccine or no vaccine can still visit, however, they will be asked to wear a mask while inside the facility
  • Client and visitors must not have any symptoms of illness, even mild symptoms. All visitors need to self-screen for illness before they arrive by asking themselves: Do I have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath or do I feel unwell?

If you have any questions or concerns about the new protocols please feel free to reach out to Tia, Executive Director @ 604-826-2194 or and she will address all questions and concerns.