As per the Fraser Health Authority guidelines, we are taking all precautions against the spread of COVID-19

The Cedars is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our tenants and employees. We have developed a plan to minimize the risk of COVID-19 entering our home and deal with any outbreaks in the event they do occur. We would ask for your assistance in implementing the plan and ensuring that you understand and abide by any restrictions for everyone’s safety.

Please DO NOT enter our facility for the protection of our tenants and employees. 

The only visitation that will be allowed inside our facility is if your loved one is critically ill or facing imminent death which is a 1 person per tenant that would be facilitated by our Licensed Practical Nurse on duty. Also allowed in are Community Health Workers that are assisting our tenants with care.

We have now implemented going out into the community for our tenants:

  • Tenants are now allowed to go out into the community with proper precaution and the use of a face mask.
  • An agreement must me signed by tenants before they leave to ensure that they are aware how to be safe while being out.
  • Gathering no more than 10 persons are encouraged when tenants are out.
  • No physical contact is encouraged (no hugging, kissing or handshaking)
  • Inside visits in a designated room is now available from Monday thru Friday 9 – 3 by calling Shereese 604-826-2194

Skype or Zoom with a loved ones is still in effect if you want to set this up please phone and set up a schedule.

Additional Information

We recommend the following links for current, accurate updates on the extent of the COVID – 19 situation in the province: – BC Center for Disease Control – Ministry of Health Updates  – Fraser Health Authority Coronavirus Information